Planning Commission

The Huntsville Planning Commission handles all zoning and code issues and reviews all annexation plans before they are submitted to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

» Nick Blakeley, chairman
» Paul Lay
» Anetta Newport

Beer Board

The Huntsville Beer Board considers applications for new beer permits and matters regarding compliance of existing beer sale laws. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen also serves as the Beer Board.

Board of Mayor and Aldermen

The Huntsville Board of Mayor and Aldermen has the final say on all policy matters, adopting resolutions and ordinances that reflect matters considered by the town’s other boards and commissions, as well as any other business that comes before the town.

» J. Dennis Jeffers, mayor
» Jaimi Lloyd, vice mayor
» Paul Lay, alderman
» Jim Morrow, alderman
» Jody Newport, alderman